A path of intuition, transformation & mastery

Advanced practices and sacred plant ceremonies to teach the language of frequencies and transform the leader into the visionary

gateway to your essence is an invitation to become the visionary of your life

My name is Munay, Medicine Woman, creator of the Cellular Response 4® process and author of The Visionary’s Compass Cards®. I work with people who come to me from all over the world who are ready to activate self-responsibility.

When you embrace my invitation to cross the Gateway to Your Essence, you will encounter a dynamic process of regeneration and transformation. This process is designed to enhance your mind, body, and soul and support you to see your unlimited potential. I teach the language of frequencies and weave together timeless wisdom with the support of Sacred Plant practices. I guide people to reach a state of expanded consciousness and discover the path of self-responsibility as a space of power and potential for change. The approach I have developed invites you to walk the path of the visionary and activate your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic systems in a process called Cellular Response 4®. This experiential gateway engages you at a cellular level and offers you the awareness and vision to take clear steps to freely experience the life you most wish for.

Dear visionary

Join me to dream the world into being.

My mission is to guide leaders, change makers and committed seekers on a journey to a sustainable state of remembrance and embodiment of their original essence. My invitation, from the visionary within me to the visionary within you, is to help you turn your visions into embodied practices that activate a way of living beyond influence, attachment, and division. The gateways we journey through close the separation between science and spirituality and between the visible and invisible worlds, and reveal the potential we have to live a life grounded in self-responsibility with knowledge, purpose and intuition.


Awakening to essence

Feel the call. Feel inspired.

Do you feel the call to begin your journey to remembrance? 

Do you remember the flame of trust?

We are all beings of powerful energy that need to evolve creatively to reach our full potential. When you choose to cross the Gateway to Your Essence you will be invited to master three fundamental insights to centre you on your journey and access the language of frequencies: the arts of Observation, Self responsibility and Compassion. With practice and mastery of these three aspects of yourself you will be able to continue on your path to become a Visionary, with independence and trust.


The Art of Observation teaches you to observe yourself and the signs in your inner and outer environments so deeply that you can reach the essence of your topics and then progress.


Mastering the Art of Self Responsibility becomes an attitude of living, ever returning  inwards with curiosity to recognise how we choose to act or see.


Mastering The Art of Compassion begins with kindness towards yourself, accepting this moment and the things that you cannot yet change, reach or see clearly. 

Your body is your temple, your heart is your compass, and your two hands are to hold you.

gateways to transformation

Choose a journey of self leadership and return to essence.

My role is to help you awaken the seeker inside you, the part that can reach a state of trust in which it is possible to journey ever closer to your higher self, your essence. As human beings, our bodies offer us a high form of organic technology that speaks the language of frequencies. You can learn how to tune and use this technology to shift out of survival mode and, with new levels of awareness and resources, choose to move beyond repetitive loops and patterns and start living with your full potential.

Making this choice takes you across a threshold, through a gateway, and on to a journey of learning how to make the changes that you seek both inside and outside yourself. This is an act of self-leadership that leads you to remember the essence of yourself, to find trust for life, and compassion for one another. Instead of looking to either science or faith for guidance, it is this complete awareness that can awaken you to evolve. This is a movement of perception and co-creation, one where the believer gives space to the seer, and where the era of faith gives space to the era of self-responsibility.

visionary's compass cards®

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cellular response 4®

A profound and expansive approach to sustainable healing.

More than a decade ago I began observing the natural cycle of regeneration that our system goes through in its attempt not only to survive physically, but to achieve the best life possible.  From my experiences, learnings and remembrances working on myself and with others, I created Cellular Response 4 ® or CR4®.

CR4® is a container of observation
for people willing to develop self-leadership and, through experiential methods, master the understanding of how we exist in the organic technology of our bodies and consciousness. Like any technology, we need to learn how to use it to get the best from it. CR4® is a method applicable in any field of development and a message that calls for self-responsibility for both individuals and the collective.


of the disruptive emotional charges that we carry


by guiding you to welcome the new into your system


your system with higher-quality frequencies


of who you are at the core of your essence

introducing cellular response 4®

a breakthrough approach for your mind, body and soul

visionaries' stories

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You are the Essence that the universe has turned its attention to. You are the Inspiration of the universe that has chosen to co-create with you.