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I’m here because I care about our evolution and I want to contribute to a revolution of perception. One where the believer gives the space to the seer, and where the Era of Faith gives space to the Era of Self-Responsibility.

Medicine Woman, Creator, Weaver, Visionary.

My name is Munay. I am a Medicine Woman from a lineage of weavers. I have been initiated to see beyond the visible world into the forgotten realm of the invisible. I have been trained in the Temple of the Essence, a place that doesn’t belong to any time or space, but just exists with its teachings as a living memory. The medicine I offer activates Self-Responsibility, and my first rule is to always serve this medicine to myself. 


Raising vibration

I have been learning from the visible and invisible worlds for a long time. As a Medicine Woman, my gift is the ability to see into the systems of people, and how particular life experiences leave the imprint of a pattern in their cellular system. These patterns are codes that store the memory of the experience we have lived. When clients are ready to investigate themselves and release some of the old codes that no longer serve them, I help them in the process of release. As they discover their new perception of themselves at a higher frequency, I weave in the new code to reinforce their system. This process facilitates a predisposition to sustainable change because better information is now guiding the system to thrive on new possibilities, instead of surviving on the old which is seen in terms of probability. The goal is to raise the quality of vibration of the smallest units it embodies to enhance the quality of the whole system and its manifestations.


In trust & service
One of the most symbolic visions I have received to guide myself in my personal growth was one where I met the reflection of my creativity. In a deep state of meditation I found myself walking into a metaphoric chamber. Inside the chamber, there was a female statue with many arms. In each hand, she was holding a different tool, a paintbrush, a pen, a book, a seed, a snake. It took me a while to recognize her, but when I did I melted into tears as I knew I was staring at myself. The Creator inside of me had been seen, and so I could explore the infinite potential within. I have a strong relationship with my creativity, a relationship of trust that allows me to shape tools in service of myself, my family, people, and the planet.


Weaving light

The visionary in me dreams the world into being. This grew even more important to me when I became a mother, as I felt an added responsibility to weave light into the realm of possibilities, and not to be content with probabilities. From an era of faith, brittle with the belief that some other force will rescue us, we are now moving into the era of self-responsibility. This is a time that requires us to trust that we can remember who we are, and deeply realise that we are all connected as part of a sophisticated organism, that of oneness.

My vision is to be part of a revolution of perception; a movement where the believer gives space to the seer, and where the era of faith gives space to the era of self-responsibility. I seek to connect people who remember who they are at the core of their essence, are brave enough to cross the gateway of self-responsibility, and who would like to contribute to forming a Temple of the Essence on Earth. Each of you is a gateway, one that is fundamental for this temple to exist.

You are the Essence the universe has turned its attention to. You are the Inspiration of the universe that has chosen to co-create with you.


An ecology of hearts and minds from which dreams and visions live and grow.

One of the greatest honours I have received from my journey is the possibility to sit around a table with gifted, heartful people and feel that I’m in the perfect place at the perfect time. We found each other, we built intimacy of hearts and minds, and we see each other and the gifts that we bring to the world. This life is also a journey of co-creation where we unite our gifts and visions. We are willing to see and be seen and to see the potential of the seeds we are planting, trusting that the time to harvest the fruits will come. We are Visionaries in co-creation and we are building the Temple of the Essence on Earth.


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