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Gateways of co-creation where we unite our gifts and visions to build a Temple of the Essence on Earth


Building the temple.

After some time on my journey, I realised that within my contribution I was starting to feel a loneliness. A voice was whispering in my head that said, ‘Munay, build a Temple!’. This voice is very familiar now, it is not one that will quieten easily, not until I act. The transition that was calling began to manifest when I shared my feeling with my dear friend Penelope. That conversation generated ideas, and those ideas called other people in. I had to learn patience, because for a visionary to have to walk slowly and steadily, the steps can be frustrating; I could see the complete vision already right in front of me.

There will be no Temple of the Essence on Earth if we don’t invite many different gateways and people to create it. The temple we are creating is founded on these four main Gateways…

A bridge between the visible and invisible worlds

Munay's gift is the ability to create this bridge to help people see themselves from the micro to the macro with power, self-responsibility, and compassion. Her vision and timeless teachings bring people from the realm of probabilities into the one of possibilities, to dream the world into being.


The Medicine Woman


A deep and caring guide to nourish the body

Melania understands one of the secrets of life, the importance of loving and caring for our temple, our body. She knows deeply from her experience that to make sustainable changes in our lives we need to start by building trust and relationship with our bodies, as healing is born from trust.

Melania Gil de Sagredo

The Conscious Nutritionist


A tower of love and connector of creative souls

Because of his connection to creativity, love, and self-love, Matthew has navigated alchemic waters to find new ways to come ever closer to his essence. He is a humble and brave seeker, and a wonderful guide to bring people into the realm of perceptions with no judgment.

Matthew Clark

The Alchemist


A leadership coach for interspecies connectivity

Penelope lives in communication with our beloved planet. She is wise and wild and cares profoundly. She carries the remembrance of respect and the self-leadership necessary to bring back that forgotten union with the wildness and connection to nature within us. She embodies interspecies connectivity.

Penelope Mavor

The Earth Converser


retreats and upcoming events

Stay tuned for a line up of high vibration events, residential retreats, and meetings of hearts and minds in co-creation.

When you become aware and feel no need to lean on faith, healers, gurus or systems outside yourself, you are perceiving and knowing yourself as a regenerative organism, one of pure potential and agency. What remains is the responsibility of fully living, and embodying self-responsibility.

The Visionary’s Retreat
and other events with Gateway to Your Essence are a space for meeting together in co-creation, and of support as you cross the gateways to your essence. When you choose to cross these portals, you walk a path of relearning how your organic technology works, and can use the four major steps of CR4®, Release, Reinform, Rejuvenate, and Remembrance to navigate. Alongside this growing community in co-creation, you can come to see yourself in full co-creation with life itself. This is the life of a visionary, a human being on the path of the 360° self.

the visionary's retreat

Co-creating the Temple of the Essence.

We view this space as a gathering of visionaries, a space to amplify change and support each other. We see a space where the container of transformation is clear and well-rooted, together with meaningful practices, silence, and time in nature. There will be a Level 1 Retreat where some theory will be shared to then be mastered with practice, self-responsibility, and self-leadership. We will also gather in a Sacred Plant Ceremony to learn the language of frequencies. Sign up to receive news of when we are opening the doors of the Temple of the Essence. 


the visionary's compass cards® workshop

A journey of observation and intuition.

The Visionary’s Compass Cards® are a powerful tool for introspection. They humble us, and help us explore the perceptions we have of ourselves and the world. Each card has many seeds, and teachings to investigate and reflect upon. We are creating a guided space for you to explore these reflections and master the cards in a way where they will become an efficient and empowering tool to use in your everyday life. Connect with us to receive news on the launch of this online and in-person workshop.


inspirational talks with munay

Speaking the language of frequencies.

To inspire possibilities, Munay will speak about different topics to expand the perceptions of life and death, and call the attention of seekers who are longing to explore more what is possible. Munay’s passion and calling is to shake beliefs and initiate curiosity so we can begin to journey each time closer to the remembrance of who we are at the core of our essence. She will speak about Self-Responsibility, a space of power for change. Get connected to receive news about her upcoming Talks.


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Your body is your temple, your heart is your compass, and your two hands are to hold you