gateways towards remembrance

We are born from the essence of a memory

Awakening the memory of who you are to meet the reflection of yourself with clarity, compassion, and self-responsibility.

Do you remember that space where you exist in pure consciousness?
A way of being embodied in pure potential?

Through the Gateways I offer, you can experience and observe a relationship with your higher self and existence, one that empowers cellular regeneration, invites forgotten intuition and knowledge, and awakens perception.

My role is to weave new organic codes within you that represent a higher frequency. I work to engage you from the micro to the macro, involving your physical, energetic, and emotional systems. The goal is to raise the quality of vibration of the smallest units you embody to enhance the quality of the whole system and its manifestations.

1:1 Ceremony

Tuning activation to see through the eye of the visionary and walk the path of the 360° self.
I chose to welcome an invitation from the invisible world to work with sacred plants — natural activators of consciousness — because they activate a systemic awakening of intuition and consciousness of the state of oneself. Within this space, we can overcome the tendency of our systems to consciously or unconsciously self-sabotage, and to see what is restricting us from reaching our full potential.  
I have learned to speak the language of frequencies through the remembrance of who I am, who I have been, and the core of my eternal Essence. The invitation I received from life is to create a new way to guide people to reach the same remembrance, bridging the separation between science and spirituality, between the visible and invisible worlds. I am a weaver; my role as such helps you to undo the old coding stored in your cellular system — your organic technology — and to weave into and reinform it with new empowering codes so that you can reach meaningful manifestations.

The preparation

Conscious nutrition
You will discover that the cells are the Eyes of the Visionary. A cell is a unit of self-responsibility which means that it is aware of its health. The healthiest this unit is the more it can multiply its energy of consciousness and create a 360° aware organism that can perceive the totality of itself. Focusing on nutrition will enhance the possibility of your cellular system to trust that good nutrition is coming in to support you to live your best life.

the tuning

You will be initiated into the ceremony space to practice the Art of Observation, the Art of Self-Responsibility, and the Art of Compassion. You will receive a method, Cellular Response 4, which serves as a way for you to go beyond the stories and voices, regain your ability to remember who you are at the core of your essence, and learn the language of frequencies.

the integration

Self Leadership
You will receive tools to integrate what you have learned and to observe the map of your life from high above. This vision will create awareness of how to generate steps that will independently move you in the direction you choose to go. You will be invited to step out of the realm of probability and into the realm of possibility in order to become the visionary of your life.

work with natural activators of consciousness

a powerful and dynamic gateway to walk the path of the visionary

discover new perceptions at higher frequencies

The Visionary’s Compass Cards®

Awaken the magic of your intuition and build a map that can guide your heart compass.

What are you willing to see?

Remember that every experience is here to teach you something about yourself. The Visionary’s Compass Cards® are a powerful and introspective tool to observe a map of your life from a higher perspective and understand aspects of yourself which need care and attention moving forward. The cards are a seeker’s game of perception which I use for post-ceremony integration and in empowering private sessions.

The messengers contained in the Visionary’s Compass Cards® and the Story of the Seeker are not here to identify you, but to invite you into the realm of perceptions. We must engage with them to explore ourselves and our belief systems in order to absorb their timeless teachings. They are here to guide you to fly like an eagle above your life so that you can observe what is from high above, envision what it can become, and engage in a trustful co-creation with life

I created and authored the cards and their accompanying book to help us navigate life with more clarity, and to activate our power to engage self-responsibility. A session with the cards gives you the space to start creating the map of your life to observe the areas that need priority, care, and attention, and to raise your frequencies to create a better manifestation of your life. In this space you will learn to tap into resources you need to make the changes that you desire, empowering your inner visionary, the one that can fly above what is, to see what it can become.

Read the signs with the Visionary’s Compass Cards®

Become the Seeker in a game of perception and infinite possibility

i am a drop in the ocean.
because I know what i am, i can sit silently.
when i sit silently, i can hear the whole ocean.
when i hear the whole ocean, i become the ocean.

visionaries' stories

Observations from the process

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