cellular response 4®

Release, Reinform, Rejuvenate, Remembrance

a breakthrough process elevating the frequencies of people and planet

The Cellular Response 4® process guides you to remember the innate wisdom within you and to embody the extraordinary potential that exists at the core of your essence.

Are you ready to observe those aspects of yourself that need priority, care, and attention, and become the Visionary of your life?

The Visionary dreams of engaging with life fully, and my work with Gateway to Your Essence offers a portal to that journey. Your choice to dive into a 360° degree perspective of your life and existence will be the inspiration for you to dream your world into being, and to walk the steps to manifest the life that you desire.

Cellular Response 4®
helps you to become the visionary of yourself, your family, your work, your community, and the planet.  It engages you in a journey that will show you how to Release, Reinform, and Rejuvenate your system so that you can embrace a state of Remembrance. I view this state as the living memory that stores your eternal essence, that flame of trust for life that guides you beyond the voices, conditionings and beliefs, and beyond time and space.

the Cellular response 4 process®

CR4® is a container of observation for people willing to develop self-leadership and, through experiential methods, master the understanding of how we exist in the organic technology of our bodies and consciousness. Like any technology, we need to learn how to use it to get the best from it. CR4® is a method applicable in any field of development and a message that calls for self-responsibility for both individuals and the collective.

Cellular Response 4®, or CR4®, is a profound and expansive approach to sustainable healing which was born from my inner journey into self-responsibility. Over a decade ago I began deeply observing the natural cycle of regeneration that our system goes through in its attempt not only to survive, but to achieve the most fulfilling and creative life possible. This journey led me to understand that it is self-responsibility that enables us to initiate real change, and Cellular Response 4® was created from my insights into Self-Response-Ability. I observed how a cell contains all the layers of ourselves (Cells=Self) and that, when we embody self-responsibility we transform it into awareness. This awareness gives us the ability to choose our response in different situations, each time more freely and without the influences of the past, culture or conditioning.  CR4® is a container for action; its processes activate the steps necessary to generate awareness and manifest profound change.

CR4® reveals how our cellular system is the mirror of the health of our whole being and our ability to regenerate. The CR4® process is initiated by RELEASE; when we release that which no longer serves us from our systems, we create space for new information. Without release, we will keep attracting the same thoughts, experiences and outcomes because our body resonates with its inner and outer environments. After RELEASE, we have the opportunity to REINFORM the free space in our system with new, conscious choices and actions. Without this new information in our system, we cannot expand to new perceptions through the next response, which is to REJUVENATE.  We can then reach an awareness, REMEMBRANCE, which is the state of remembering and therefore gaining the trust that we can journey repeatedly in life, each time getting closer to the essence of who we are.


from what no longer serves you


An invitation to let go of what no longer serves you while retaining the lessons


with conscious action / activation and higher frequencies


Empowering your system through frequencies born from the wisdom of your voice


by welcoming new and spacious perceptions


Reclaiming new space to create a vision for a new way of living


returning to remember the process and lessons learned


Coming back to the essence of who you are and embodying trust for life

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An invitation to become the visionary of your life

discover new perceptions at higher frequencies

visionaries' stories

Observations from the process


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