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My name is Munay. I am a Medicine Woman from a lineage of weavers. I have been trained to see beyond the visible world, into the forgotten one of the invisible. I have been initiated into the temple of the essence, a place that doesn’t belong to any time or space, it just exists, with its teachings, as a living memory. The medicine I offer is Self-Responsibility. I have one rule: I always give this medicine first to myself.

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Stay tuned for a line up of high vibration events, residential retreats, and meetings of hearts and minds in co-creation

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Each of you is a gateway, one that is fundamental for the Temple of the Essence to exist and thrive. We will be in contact to let you know when we are opening the doors of the temple.

Awakening to essence

Feel the call. Feel inspired.

Do you feel the call to begin your journey to remembrance? 

Do you remember the flame of trust?

You are are a being of powerful energy that needs to evolve creatively, and as you awaken to this process you are invited to master three fundamental insights to center you on your journey: the arts of Observation, Self responsibility and Compassion. With practice and mastery of these aspects of yourself you will be able to continue on your path with independence and trust.


The Art of Observation teaches you to observe yourself and the signs in your inner and outer environments so deeply that you can go to the essence of your topics and then progress.


Mastering the Art of Self Responsibility becomes an attitude of living, ever returning  inwards with curiosity to recognise how we choose to act or see.


Mastering The Art of Compassion begins with kindness towards yourself, accepting this moment and the things that you cannot yet change, reach or see clearly. 

Your body is your temple, your heart is your compass, and your two hands are to hold you

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